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We raised a $2.75 million seed round to build Arrows

Daniel Zarick

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We raised a $2.75 million seed round to build Arrows

We believe customer onboarding is the most important stage of the customer lifecycle, and far too many companies underinvest at this stage. If you onboard your customers better and faster, then they’ll be happier and will stick around longer. It’s as simple as that.

Previously, we did one call with a new customer and sent them on their way,” said Elliott Garms, CEO of . “With Arrows, we rebuilt our customer onboarding processes and immediately reduced average onboarding time by more than half, while also increasing our annual retention by 23%.

From the beginning of Arrows, our plan was to fully self-fund the business as long as possible. But as we got deeper into the customer onboarding market and started to understand more what people wanted, it became obvious that we had to raise money to help Arrows succeed at a much bigger level.

So that’s why today we’re announcing we’ve raised $2.75 million in seed funding from Gradient Ventures, Google’s AI-focused venture firm, and 47 angel investors (listed below). We couldn’t be more excited about having all of these amazing friends of ours make a bet on us, and we’re excited to show them what we have in mind.

We know recurring revenue comes after recurring impact…” said Mariano Suarez-Battan (CEO of and one of our angel investors). “Arrows helps you with recurring onboarding.

In relatedly exciting news, we’ve also been growing the Arrows team!

  • Cullen Wilson joined us a few weeks ago to run product design and help take Arrows to the next level.
  • Shareil Nariman will join us in July bringing 10 years of onboarding expertise to help Arrows customers succeed.
  • Kimberly Hacker is also joining in July to help us build and expand our sales and operations functions.

Next, we’re hiring a couple Ruby on Rails programmers. Know someone that might be interested? Send them here:

Thank you again to our Friends of Arrows for making this happen:

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