Quickly identify “customer health” with emojis

Steal this automated workflow to quickly identify the “health” of your accounts in HubSpot.

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Quickly identify “customer health” with emojis
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Love them or hate them, health scores are one of the most common requests we hear from teams considering running customer success in HubSpot.

However you calculate yours, knowing the action you need to take to ensure your customers are successful is the real value.

Once you have a health score calculated, we can use a workflow to make it easier for our team to visualize who to prioritize AND loop them in when a score changes and they might need to take action.

Here’s how it works:

1. Trigger this workflow when the “Health Score” property “is known”.

When re-enrollment is turned on this will trigger anytime the value is updated

2. Add an IF/THEN action to branch the workflow based on the value of our “Health Score” property:
  • Equal to or greater than 90
  • Equal to or greater than 50 AND Less than 90
  • Less than 50

3. For each branch set the value of the dropdown property “Account Health” to 🟩 or 🟨 or 🟥

4. Then add another IF/THEN action to check if the new score is in the same score category as the previous one
  • If YES there has been no change
  • If NO the the category has changed so we want to notify our team in Slack.

5. Copy the value of the newly updated “Health Score” property into the “Previous Health Score” property for comparison next time

Optional: Add additional actions that you want to take when a customer has newly moved into a “Health Score” Category

🌟 Bonus: Add your “Account Health” 🟩 🟨 🟥 to the customer records shown in your HubSpot pipelines and dashboards.

Increasing the quality of the signals your team can use to proactively identify and engage accounts that need attention means they can spend more time in higher leverage ways.

Health scores might not be perfect, but having directional data about the status of an account is a great place to start.

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