Track time in stage for your onboarding pipeline

Steal this HubSpot report to track the amount of time customers spend in each stage of your onboarding pipeline

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Track time in stage for your onboarding pipeline
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When you're looking to improve your onboarding process, there will likely always be at least one task or stage that comes to mind where customers seem to always take the longest.

Instead of guessing, use a HubSpot time in stage report to understand exactly where customers are getting stuck and track how long each customer cohort takes to move through your onboarding pipeline.

Here's how it works:


Automate deals moving through stages in your onboarding pipeline based on their Arrows plan progress by stealing this workflow first!

1. Create a new report

From the Reports page, select “Create Report” and select the Single object report type - in this example we're reporting on Deals.

2. Set your filters for the report

In this example, we'll filter by Create date and Pipeline.

3. Add your data to the report

Search and select the Close date and Time in Stage - All stages properties

4. Select your visualization and configure the table

Select the summarized data table visualization type for this report.

Display the Close date property and measure by Average for Time in stage - All stages and Count of deals

5. Select your desired report frequency

In this example, we're reporting based on quarterly cohorts. You could also choose to report based on weekly or monthly cohorts using this drop-down if you prefer.

6. Save report & add to dashboard

Add your report to a dashboard to improve your team’s visibility.

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