Automatically complete an Arrows task when a customer signs their PandaDoc agreement

Steal this Arrows task setup to automatically complete a "Sign your agreement" task when a property status is updated in HubSpot

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Automatically complete an Arrows task when a customer signs their PandaDoc agreement
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Ever been frustrated having to manually update the next step so customers can take action?

Automating the customer experience from the moment they sign the contract to close the deal in sales to when the kickoff call is scheduled for onboarding is the best way to remove unnecessary delays and build momentum.

And momentum turns excited prospects into happy customers.

Combining your agreement status data in HubSpot (using a tool like PandaDoc) with your Arrows plan creates a powerful automated workflow to save everyone time and effort.

Here’s how it works:


Make sure you have a deal property set up in HubSpot that tracks the status of your customer's contract or agreement

If you're using PandaDoc, you can do this using their new automations feature (instructions here) or via Zapier.

Arrows task setup:

1. Create a task in your Arrows plan or template prompting customers to sign their agreement

If you haven't done this already, you can find inspiration here: Prompt your customers to sign an agreement to kick off the onboarding process

2. Toggle on the Autocomplete feature in your Arrows task

3. Add a deal filter

*Make sure your PandaDoc Status property is synced to your Deal record in HubSpot

4. Select the "PandaDoc Status" property (or whichever property you use to track the status of your agreements), select "equals", and then select "Signed"

You're all set! Now, when your "PandaDoc Status" deal property in HubSpot is updated to Signed, the Arrows task will automatically be marked done!

No more manually updating your plan when a deal closes. No waiting to get started for your customers. Just a clear path to success that keeps everyone focused on what’s next.

The best part? It's all automated and visible within HubSpot.

Use this template in Arrows

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