Automatically complete an Arrows task when a customer pays their invoice

Steal this Arrows task setup to automatically complete a "Pay your invoice" task when a property status is updated in HubSpot

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Automatically complete an Arrows task when a customer pays their invoice
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One of the best ways to get your customer onboarding process started on the right foot is to utilize the momentum that gets built during your sales process.

A great way to keep that momentum going is to introduce your onboarding plan at the tail end of the sales cycle, creating a seamless customer handoff between your sales and onboarding teams.

In the example below, we're kicking off our Arrows onboarding plan with a task to "Pay your invoice" which links out to an invoice or payment link from Stripe. You can find the steps to create this task type in Arrows here.

Now, if you're already tracking the status of that payment in HubSpot with integrated tools like Zaybra or Hightouch, you can use that property value to automatically complete the task in Arrows when the invoice status changes.

Here's how it works:


Make sure you have a deal property set up in HubSpot that tracks the status of your customer's payment

Don't have this set up yet? Check out Zaybra to sync Stripe data into HubSpot or Hightouch to sync product data into HubSpot.

Arrows task setup:

1. Create a task in your Arrows plan or template allowing customers to pay their invoice

If you haven't done this already, you can find inspiration here: Allow customers to pay to get started with onboarding

2. Toggle on the Autocomplete feature in your Arrows task

3. Add a deal filter

*Make sure your invoice status property is synced to your Deal record in HubSpot

4. Select the deal property you use to track your invoice or payment status, select "equals", and then select the value that means the payment is complete

In this example, our deal property to track the invoice status is called "Invoice Status", and the value we're using to show that the invoice has been paid is called "Paid"

You're all set! Now, when your "Invoice Status" deal property in HubSpot is updated to Paid, the Arrows task will automatically be marked done!

This lets your customer focus on their next task right away and continue with the momentum they've built!

Use this template in Arrows

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