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Case Study

Reducing customers’ time-to-onboarded more than 50%

Account executive, Matthew Watters, reduced customers’ onboarding time with shared action plans

The Challenge

Matthew joined humanpredictions in 2019 as an account executive but when COVID hit, the team reshuffled and it was clear that they needed to be a lot more involved up that front so that their customers could ultimately see early success and adopt the platform.

For the last year, Matt has been tasked with not only converting new business, but also with retaining existing business and ensuring new customers are happy.

As Matthew’s team started becoming more involved with their customer’s experience, they noticed that their manual way of doing things started to become overwhelming.

The Result

Matthew started seeing results as soon as he built his onboarding plan as a template in Arrows.

The fact that we now have a step-by-step process laid out for our customers that we’ve tested and proved out with other folks to make sure that they’re successful, is comforting. They’re making a big switch from the way they’ve done things for a long time and that’s scary.

Matthew and humanpredictions have found two primary benefits since implementing Arrows. First, they’ve seen a significant reduction the amount of time it takes to get a customer fully ramped (time to value). What used to take several months to get a customer onboarded now takes only two to three weeks. Not only did their time to value decrease, but their net retention actually increased substantially as well.

What’s Next

One of the things Matthew is most excited about with Arrows is that it’s given his team scalability in an area of the company that was previously “unplanned”. Their team now has a repeatable playbook so everyone can always understand, whether a customer comes in tomorrow, 6 months from now, or 2 years from now, exactly what needs to be done to ensure that customer’s success.

Future growth is now exciting because we have it figured out. We have a plan in place that everybody can access and there’s no limit to how you scale that.

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Matthew Watters

Not only did our time to value get shortened, but our net retention actually increased. We now get customers up to speed faster and they stick around longer.

Matthew Watters
Sales Lead, humanpredictions

Chicago, IL, USA
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