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How to Optimize Customer Onboarding With Data

Watch the replay to identify the highest impact places to make changes in your onboarding process.

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Luke McClellan
Onboarding, Blaze
Shareil Nariman
Customer Success, Arrows
Stuart Balcombe
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What you'll learn

Do you really know where your customers get stuck during onboarding?

"How to Optimize Customer Onboarding With Data" provides a walkthrough of how to use data about how customers are engaging with your onboarding plan to confidently make changes that improve the customer experience and drive adoption.

In this 50-minute session we dig into onboarding data in real-time to share how to build a practice around process improvement.

Here's what you’ll walk away with:

  • A real case study of onboarding optimization in action
  • A cheatsheet for applying insights to improve your plan

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