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How to Leverage Call Recordings For Customer Success —with Grain

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Grain call recording
Your lovely hosts
Mike Adams Headshot
Mike Adams
CEO, Grain
Stuart Balcombe Headshot
Shariel Nariman
Head of CS, Arrows
Stuart Balcombe Headshot
Stuart Balcombe
Head of Growth, Arrows

What you'll learn

The easiest way to lose to your competition – is to not be (and stay) close to your customers.

The good news…the vast majority of companies are already having conversations with their customers every day – they might even be recording them.

For this session Mike Adams, CEO at Grain will be joining Arrows own Head of Customer Success Shareil Nariman to discuss strategies for using customer conversations to drive customer success.

In 60-minutes we’ll show you (with real world examples) how you can leverage call recordings to not only make individual customers successful but build a customer-centric culture across your company.

Here's what you’ll walk away with:

→ A workflow to enrich HubSpot with customer insights
→ A guide to sharing call summaries in Slack
→ A simple automation for sharing product feedback

This workshop is complete. View the recording here: