Track time to onboarding kickoff call booked

Steal this HubSpot workflow and report to how long it takes your customers to schedule their onboarding kickoff calls

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Track time to onboarding kickoff call booked
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Customers that engage quickly are less likely to ghost, more likely to build momentum, and ultimately less likely to churn. Actively reporting on how quickly customers are booking kickoff calls after they close is a great way to align on the metrics that matter in your sales to onboarding handoffs.

Here’s how it works:


Create HubSpot company properties for:

  • Days to Kickoff Booked: A "Time Between" calculated property
  • Onboarding Kickoff Booked: date property (we'll set this date in the workflow below)
  • Today’s Date: date property (learn how to set this up here)

Workflow setup:

1. Create a Deal based workflow (assuming we are using deals to manage onboarding)

Trigger the workflow when a deal associated with “Engagement” where Meeting Name equals “Onboarding Kickoff”.

2. Set associated company property value

Set the value of our “Onboarding Kickoff Booked” property to the date of the current step.

Report setup:

1. Create a custom report

We’ll be using company data:

  • X-axis - Close date (Monthly)
  • Y-axis - Days to Onboarding Kickoff (Avg)

  • Y-axis-2 - Days to Onboarding Kickoff (Max)

2. Select our visualization type

We’ll use the “Combination” chart type to show the average in bars and the max in line.

3. Finally, filter the report to customers

Only show relevant companies by filtering to Lifecycle stage equals “Customer”.

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