Stay on top of customers with overdue onboarding tasks

Steal this HubSpot report to keep track of customers with overdue tasks in their Arrows onboarding plan

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Stay on top of customers with overdue onboarding tasks
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In a perfect world, your customers will complete every single onboarding task you assign them either early or on time. Occasionally, you will run into a few customers that need a little extra help or guidance along the way.

Here's a simple report that will show you all customers with overdue tasks on their Arrows onboarding plan, so you know which customers to nudge and offer extra support.

Here's how it works:

1. Set up Arrows data sync

We'll integrate Arrows to sync Arrows plan data into HubSpot

Here are the properties we'll need for this report:

  • Arrows Overdue Tasks
  • Arrows Current Task Name
  • Arrows Current Task Assignee
  • Arrows Time on Task

3. Create a new HubSpot report

From the Reports page, select “Create Report” and select the Single object report type using Deals or Tickets.

4. Set your filters for the report

In this example, we'll filter by Create date, Arrows Overdue Tasks, and Pipeline.

5. Add your data to the report

Search and select each of the properties we added plus the Deal owner property to include them in our report.

6. Select your visualization

Select the unsummarized data table visualization type for this report.

7. Save report & add to dashboard

Add your report to a dashboard to improve your team’s visibility.

8. Review your report dashboard

View the finalized report in your HubSpot dashboard and see all customers with overdue tasks. You can filter this report by deal or ticket owner or any other HubSpot property such as last contacted.

Use this report for a daily or weekly standup to understand which customers are falling behind or need a little extra help.

Use this template in Arrows

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