Set up an automation to celebrate your long-term customers

Steal this HubSpot workflow to automatically celebrate and reward long-term customers who have been with your business for over a year.

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Set up an automation to celebrate your long-term customers
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Ryan Gunn
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It's important to show appreciation to customers who have been with you for a long time. However, keeping track of when a customer's anniversary is and ensuring they are up to date on their payments can be time-consuming. To make this process easier, you can create a workflow that automatically sends a reward to customers who have been with you for over a year.

One way to set up this workflow is by using the Zaybra app, which allows you to integrate Stripe payment information into HubSpot. However, you can use any property that tracks when your client relationship started and their subscription status.

Here's how to create the workflow:

1. Create a property that tracks the customer's start date (create date), and set the trigger to 365 days ago

You'll also want to trigger based on the customer's subscription status being either active or past-due.

2. Set up an if-then branch that checks whether the customer is up to date on their payments (active) or past-due

3. If the subscription status is active, we'll send them an email with a reward of some sort to celebrate their anniversary

4. If the subscription status is past-due, use a delay until event happens action

This action will set a delay for up to 30 days but will move to the next step if the subscription status changes to active at any point and the customer will then receive the reward email.

5. If it has been 30 days after their one year anniversary and the customer is still past due on payments, create a task for the owner of the subscription to follow up on payment

By setting up this workflow, you can easily celebrate your long-term customers without worrying about tracking dates and payment statuses manually. It also helps to ensure that customers who are behind on payments are treated differently, without losing the opportunity to celebrate their loyalty to your business.

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