Keep data in sync between associated objects in HubSpot

Steal this HubSpot workflow to keep custom property data in sync between associated objects

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Keep data in sync between associated objects in HubSpot
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When a property is updated manually, by a form submission, or via an integration by default the property value will only be reflected on a single contact, company, deal, or ticket record.

But… we can use a simple workflow to copy that new value to all the associated records to make it easy to access and use in object specific workflows and reporting.

Here’s how it works:

1. Trigger the workflow when the property "is known" that determines the data is ready to copy

In this example we’re looking for product usage data being synced from our Postgres app database via Hightouch:

  • Team Members
  • Team Members Included
  • Projects Created
  • Tasks Completed

2. Add an IF/THEN branch to check if all the data we want to copy is available using “is known”

3. IF all the data is available then copy each property from the original object to the target object (eg. Company to Deal)
4. Repeat for any additional properties.

5. IF data is missing then send a Slack notification to our team that includes the details of the missing properties.

Especially when data in HubSpot is being updated automatically via a form submission or 3rd party integration, using a workflow to keep associated objects up to date removes manual work, while also enabling new ways to use that data to drive action and increase visibility throughout the customer journey.

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