Keep your customer's goals at the forefront of your onboarding strategy

Customer success starts with one thing: understanding desired outcomes. Few people talk about building a system for keeping those outcomes in focus at every stage of the customer journey.

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Keep your customer's goals at the forefront of your onboarding strategy
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Do you want to know a secret to making your customers successful? It's simple - you need to have a clear understanding of what success means to them.

And in order to achieve that, you need a system that keeps their goals at the forefront of your team's strategy. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to do it:

Step 1: Add a "goals" field to HubSpot

The first step is to add a "goals" field to your CRM. This field is an open text field where you can document explicitly what outcomes the customer is trying to achieve. Whether it's saving time, increasing revenue, or improving efficiency, you need to know what your customers are striving for.

Step 2: Make the "goals" property required

Now that you have the "goals" property, you need to make sure that it's completed. You can do this by making the "goals" field a required property in order to move a record between stages. This will ensure that the field is filled out as early in the journey as possible.

Step 3: Create a mutual action plan

Once you have the shared understanding of the customer's goals, you need to keep them top of mind in every interaction that you have with the customer. This can be achieved by creating a mutual action plan that is shared with the customer. To make the customer-facing plan dynamic, you can set up a data sync to pull in the goals property you just created in HubSpot. This way, anytime the goals are updated in the CRM, you and your customer will be able to see the changes on the mutual action plan in real-time.

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