Identify and support customers stuck in onboarding

Steal this HubSpot workflow to unblock your stuck customers in onboarding with customized slack reminders, HubSpot tasks, and automated follow-ups in real-time .

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Identify and support customers stuck in onboarding
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Proactively identifying the context around delays in onboarding in a workflow can surface appropriate next steps to your team and reduce the time they need to spend deciding what action to take next.

Here’s how it works:

1. Trigger this workflow when a customer has at least 1 overdue task in their Arrows onboarding plan

2. Add an IF/THEN action to branch the workflow when:
  • The plan has not been viewed by a participant in 2 days AND there has been no communication in 2 days.
  • The plan has not been viewed in 2 days BUT there has been communication.
  • The plan has been viewed in the last 2 days BUT no action has been taken.

3. IF not viewed and no communication, send an automated email reminder which dynamically includes details of the current task, a reminder of the target plan completion date, and a link to complete the task

4. IF not viewed BUT communication has happened create a task to follow up with a different strategy and consider changing the due date and overall plan target date if more time is needed

Resetting expectations is critical here.

5. IF the plan has been viewed but no action has been taken then create a task to review how the task is presented and follow up to unblock progress

6. For each branch add a Slack notification to increase visibility into the specific situation that exists for customers who have past due tasks

Automated workflows are great at identifying when specific thresholds have been met in your data in real time.

Your team is great at applying their experience across your customer base and what they know about a specific customer to solve problems.

Automation can’t replace your team, but it can better enable them to make customers successful.

Use this template in Arrows

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