Streamline Lead Follow-Up Calling By Integrating Aircall and HubSpot

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Streamline Lead Follow-Up Calling By Integrating Aircall and HubSpot
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Building a system for lead follow-up is a fundamental part of the sales process and workflow efficiency is a key driver of pipeline velocity and conversion.  

Speed to lead is essential so ensuring your sales team is organized when it comes to who to call and when is crucial. As your sales team scales, sales managers need a repeatable and documented process to ramp up sales agents faster and quickly assess performance.

By connecting Aircall and the HubSpot customer platform it’s possible to facilitate a smooth workflow that allows sales reps to quickly access lead information within a single platform, eliminating the need to switch between tools and tabs during sales calls. Using Aircall's direct integration with HubSpot, your team can manage calls, log call information accurately, and maintain up-to-date lead statuses with ease.

In this example, we’ll use HubSpot lists, a HubSpot workflow, and the Aircall Browser Extension to boost efficiency and accuracy with a system for contacting webinar registrants with a post-event follow-up.

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Here’s how it works:

Step 1: HubSpot List Building

The first step to efficient lead follow-up is to build a list for each rep who will be calling prospects.

1. Create a HubSpot active list using contacts

2. Filter the list based on the "Last Aircall call timestamp" contact property

→ Include contacts where "Last Aircall call timestamp" is "unknown"

This field is initially populated by Aircall upon the first call to a contact. It is then updated with every call. As these fresh leads are created, this field will remain empty/unknown which indicates no call has taken place to this contact. We will leverage this as a parameter to distinguish leads that require a first call.

3. Filter the list based on the "Contact Owner" contact property

→ For each rep who will be calling we'll create a separate list and set the contact owner appropriately. For example, if this list is for "Sarah Smith" we'll set the contact owner filter to only include contacts where the "Contact Owner" is equal to "Sarah Smith".

By including this filter, we can create personal lists for specific HubSpot users/Sales agents eliminating the possibility of ‘double-dialing’ by agents if they were to work from the same list at the same time.

Step 2: Aircall Tag Setup

1. Create an Aircall tag for each potential call outcome:

→ Click Call settings in the left-hand navigation menu from the Aircall dashboard and Select the Tags tab.

→ Click Add a tag, give each new tag a label, and select a tag color

  1. Qualified - Create Deal
  2. Nurture - Sequence
  3. No Answer - Call Back
  4. Qualify Out

Tags in Aircall are an easy way to categorize calls and with the HubSpot integration, they are automatically made available in the CRM to help identify and filter contacts. With your tags created, users can apply them to contact records during their calls, directly from the Aircall Phone Application.

Step 3: HubSpot Workflow Setup

1. Create a Contact based workflow.

2. Trigger this workflow when “Last used Aircall tags” is equal to any of:

  1. Qualified - Create Deal
  2. Nurture - Sequence
  3. No Answer - Call Back
  4. Qualify Out

3. Add an IF/THEN branch in the workflow using the “Last used Aircall tags” property.

→ Create a branch for each tag “Qualified - Create Deal”, “Nurture - Sequence”, and “No Answer - Call Back”.

→ We can use the “If no criteria are met” branch provided by HubSpot for our “Qualify Out” tag to create some visual distinction.

4. IF the “Last used Aircall tags” property was “Qualified - Create Deal”

→ Use the "Set property value" action to set "Lead status" to "Open Deal"

→ Use the "Rotate to owner" action to rotate the qualified lead between your sales team.

→ Use the “Create record” action to create a new deal in our sales pipeline and assign it to the contact owner.

→ Use the “Send internal email notification” action to send an email to the contact owner letting them know a new deal has been assigned.

5. IF the “Last used Aircall tags” property was “Nurture - Sequence”

→ Use the “Send to workflow” action to enroll the contact in a workflow that adds them to an appropriate sales nurture sequence.

*Note you could get more specific with your Aircall tags and the corresponding branch and action in the workflow if you would like to further segment your nurture.

6. IF the “Last used Aircall tags” property was “No Answer - Call Back”

→ Use the “Create task” action to automatically create a callback task and assign it to the contact owner.

7. IF the “Last used Aircall tags” property was “Qualify Out”

→ Use the "Set property value" action to set "Lead status" to "Unqualified"

Step 4:. Start a lead follow-up calling session with the Aircall power dialer

1. Add contacts from the HubSpot to Aircall Power Dialer

Open the HubSpot list we created in step 1 to allow the Aircall extension to access the contacts you'd like to use with the Power Dialer.

2. Enable the ‘Show Numbers Panel on Pages’ option.

The Aircall browser extension will automatically scan the page for the numbers on the list, and once this has been completed click on ‘Power Dialer +’ to start your campaign in the Aircall app.

3. Get lead context and take notes without leaving HubSpot

When you connect with a contact using Aircall, use the HubSpot contact record to gain additional context about the contact's journey and take notes to inform future conversations.

4. Tag your call

When the outcome of each dial is known use either the While In-call or in the Call End View, to tag your call by selecting the Tag button.

Integrating Aircall with HubSpot is a game-changer for sales teams aiming to enhance their lead follow-up process. By combining these powerful tools, you can streamline your calling operations, ensure accurate data synchronization, and ultimately, improve your sales efficiency.

By implementing the lead routing workflows in this template, your sales team is now equipped to handle lead follow-up calls more effectively, minimizing the time spent on administrative tasks and maximizing time spent engaging with leads.

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