Sign Agreements and Kickoff Onboarding With HubSpot, Arrows, and PandaDoc

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Sign Agreements and Kickoff Onboarding With HubSpot, Arrows, and PandaDoc
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In today’s fast-paced sales environment, efficiency is key. Integrating your sales tools can significantly streamline processes, reducing the time to close deals.

By utilizing tightly integrated tools like HubSpot, PandaDoc, and Arrows, sales teams can create and send contracts for eSignature without ever leaving HubSpot, automatically generate onboarding plans with Arrows, and share everything customers need to get started in a few clicks.

We can connect our document signature process in HubSpot to both accelerate the critical closing of the sales process and build momentum in customer onboarding making it more efficient and customer-friendly.

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Here’s How It Works: Connecting PandaDoc, HubSpot, and Arrows

1. Configure a document template in PandaDoc

In PandaDoc you have the option to upload your own contract template to be signed or start from one of PandaDoc’s prebuilt templates.

To automatically populate our document with customer details from HubSpot we can use variables to reference properties from the HubSpot deal this document is connected to or the HubSpot company record associated with the deal.

The variables for Buyer and Seller information will be populated when you create your PandaDoc contract for each customer and can be pulled in from HubSpot contacts associated with your sales deal.

2. Create a custom Deal property for the PandaDoc contract URL

Next, we’ll create a custom property in our HubSpot account to keep track of the shareable document link for our PandaDoc contract. This property can be filled manually or as you'll see in step 4 can be automatically populated using a simple workflow in Zapier.

→ Create a "Single Line Text" property labelled "Contract URL", make note of the internal name for use in the next step.

3. Create two new tasks in our Arrows collaborative onboarding plan

Adding our PandaDoc contract to the first task in an Arrows onboarding plan will allow us to create a seamless sales handoff to onboarding kickoff experience for our new customers.

Because each Arrows plan connects to a record in HubSpot we can automatically embed our PandaDoc contract in the first task of the plan using a dynamic variable.

Task #1: Sign your contract

Create a task using the Arrows Signature task type and select PandaDoc as the E-signature service to ensure the task is automatically marked complete when the contract is executed.

Use a variable {{ deal.contract_url }} to dynamically reference the custom property synced from the HubSpot sales deal that contains the PandaDoc contract URL.

Task #2: Schedule your kickoff call

Create a task using the Arrows Meeting task type and select your scheduling tool of choice (HubSpot Meetings, Calendly, Chili Piper, to ensure the task is automatically marked complete when the kickoff call is scheduled.

Use a variable {{ coordinator.calendar_url }} to automatically show the scheduling calendar of the team member responsible for this customer during onboarding.

4. Automatically add PandaDoc document links to HubSpot Deals with Zapier

Step 1: Trigger the automation when a PandaDoc document is sent

→ Using the "Document Sent" PandaDoc event in Zapier select "Template" as your source and then the name of the specific template(s) you'd like to use to trigger this workflow.

Step 2: Get the correct Deal in HubSpot

→ Using the "Get Deal" event in Zapier add the "Metadata HubSpot Deal Id" populated from PandaDoc to the Deal ID lookup field.

→ Add "Deal Information: Contract URL" as an additional property to retrieve.

Step 3: Format the PandaDoc share link

→ PandaDoc will return a unique URL for all signers of the contract. We can use the Format Data action in Zapier to get only the URL for the customer.
→ Select "Utilities" as the Event, "Pick from List" as the Transform, and "Choose Last" as the Operation in the step configuration.
→ Add "Recipients Shared Link" as the input to the formatter

Step 4: Update the Deal in HubSpot with the PandaDoc document URL

→Finally, use the Deal ID from the Get Deal step as the identifier and the output of the Format Data step to update the "Contract URL" property on your HubSpot deal with the correct PandaDoc participant url.

5. Automatically create Arrows plans for deals with PandaDoc contracts attached

Step 1: Create a Deal based workflow in HubSpot triggered when the "Contract URL" property is known AND the pipeline is any of "Sales Pipeline"

Step 2: Use the Create Arrows plan workflow action to attach a new collaborative plan to the deal based on a template

→ Select the Arrows plan template you would like to use
→ Check the box to add all associated contacts on your deal as participants in the collaborative plan
→ Check the box to send email invitations to all participants. If you prefer to send invitations manually you can leave this unchecked.

Step 3: Send your collaborative action plan to customers to close your deal and kickoff onboarding quickly

→ When participants are invited to their collaborative action plan they will now be presented with a seamless experience focused on the next step they need to take while also helping them build momentum as they complete individual tasks.

By harnessing the combined power of HubSpot, PandaDoc, and Arrows, sales teams can significantly speed up the process of signing agreements and scheduling onboarding kickoff calls. We've explored how to efficiently create a contract for eSignature inside HubSpot using PandaDoc, automatically generate an Arrows plan that dynamically embeds the contract within a task, and ensure that all necessary documents are easily accessible to customers without having to bounce back and forth between emails or tools.

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