Educate and activate your new signups

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Educate and activate your new signups
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Getting new customers to understand why your product is the right fit for them and reach their first “aha” moment is a high-stakes moment in their experience.

Using product usage and account data in HubSpot to build an automated sequence for educating new users AND looping in your team when intent is high will help you improve adoption and ultimately reduce time-to-value.

Note: we're using product data in HubSpot for this workflow. To learn more about connecting your product data to HubSpot, check out this post: Integrate product data with HubSpot using Hightouch

Here’s how it works:

1. Trigger the workflow when your critical activate metric has not yet been reached.

In our example: “Projects Created” is less than or equal to 3

2. Send an automated Welcome email using a template that:
  • reinforces your key value proposition
  • encourages the first action new users should take
  • opens a conversation

3. Add an IF/THEN branch that checks the size of the account signing up
  • IF > 100 employees we want to loop in our sales-assist team
  • IF not, keep going with our self-serve sequence until there is upgrade intent

4. IF no upgrade intent we will wait 1 day

5. After the 1 day delay add an IF/THEN branch that checks how many team members have been invited to an account

5a. IF > 5 team members have been added this account has upgrade intent and we can use “Go to action” to add them to the Sales-Assist Branch

(Learn about the Sales-Assist branch setup in step 9 below)

5b. IF not, send our first educational email encouraging action

6. Add a 1-day delay

7. Send our second educational email encouraging action and educating on why solving the problem using our product will make the user's life better than the status quo.

8. Repeat this cycle:
  • Add a delay
  • Check if a key product usage threshold has been reached
  • Send an email or escalate to a human

9. IF an account has upgrade potential, either from account size or product usage then we:
  • Create a deal in our sales pipeline
  • Rotate the deal between the sales team
  • Send a Slack notification for our new potential account

Defining how you will engage, educate, and activate new accounts in a workflow helps you to be explicit about the different paths users can take to be successful and avoids mixing automated and personal outreach creating a clumsy customer experience.

By focusing your sales and success team's time on the accounts that are already showing intent and most likely to need support...’ll help them build momentum and avoid spending time chasing tire kickers who are unlikely to become successful.

Steal this cheat sheet for running customer success in HubSpot

Not sure where to start? Download the 7 playbooks you need to scale across the customer journey.

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