Create contacts in HubSpot based on Arrows form field reponses

Steal this HubSpot workflow to automatically create contacts based on your customer's form field responses in Arrows forms

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Create contacts in HubSpot based on Arrows form field reponses
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When you're beginning a new onboarding journey with a customer, you may need to loop in new contacts at your customer's company that haven't been introduced to you (or your CRM records) yet.

With Arrows form fields, you can collect that information, sync the response to HubSpot, and set up a workflow to automatically create a contact in HubSpot based on the information that was submitted.

Here's how it works:


Create a single-line text property in HubSpot on the object type that's associated with your Arrows plans (deals or tickets)

In this example, we're collecting the information for the billing contact, so that's how I've labeled the property:

First, we'll set up the Arrows task to collect the new contact's email address during the onboarding process

1. In your Arrows template, create a new task and select the Form action

2. Add a form label and set the field type to HubSpot Deal or Ticket property (depending on which type of property you set up earlier)

Select the property you just created from the Deal property dropdown list

Now, when your customer fills out that form field in their Arrows plan, it will automatically sync to the property you set up HubSpot!

Next, we'll set up a HubSpot workflow to create a new contact based on that new property value

1. Create a workflow that's triggered when the new property (Billing contact email address in this case) is known

2. Create a new contact record using the property (Billing contact email address) in the email address field

Use this template in Arrows

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