Collect your customer's brand guidelines during onboarding

Steal this Arrows task template to streamline the process of gathering essential branding files and documents from your customers.

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Collect your customer's brand guidelines during onboarding
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Do you struggle to collect and manage all the critical branding files, logos, and documents you need from your customers during the onboarding process?

With Arrows, you can simplify the experience for both you and your customers by creating customized tasks that prompt customers to submit their branding files and documents in one flow.

🌟 Pro tip: You can send these files directly to HubSpot from Arrows, so all your files can be stored together in your CRM.

Steal this Arrows task setup:

Task type: File Request

Task title: Upload your brand guidelines

Task description:

Please upload your brand guidelines below to help inform the design of your ad creative deliverables and ensure we are aligned with your brand requirements.

Examples of assets that would be helpful:

• Logo files (.svg or .png if available)
• Style guidelines (colors, font usage examples)
• Font files (especially if you use premium fonts)
• Guidelines for written content

You can upload as many files as you need below 👇
Use this template in Arrows

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