Calculate an account utilization metric in HubSpot

Steal this calculated property to build an account utilization metric in HubSpot

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Calculate an account utilization metric in HubSpot
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Paying customers who don’t receive value are the ultimate churn risk.

Especially as companies tighten their software budgets in uncertain markets.

The good news… if you pull product usage data there's a simple way to proactively surface those "at risk" accounts.

By calculating an “Account Utilization” metric.

Here’s how it works:

1. Create a property that captures your expected usage for a key metric. Eg. Projects created

2. Create a property that can be dynamically updated with the current value of that product usage metric for an account.

Third party tools like Hightouch, Syncari, and make this easier than you might expect in HubSpot

3. Create a calculated “Account Utilization” property that compares the 2 properties and creates a percentage.

4. Optional but powerful: Use a workflow triggered by breaking a threshold of your “Account Utilization” metric to kickoff internal workflows
  • 💰 Notify an AE if utilization exceeds 90% - upsell potential
  • 🤔 Notify a CSM if utilization falls below 50% - potential churn risk
  • 👻 Notify sales and marketing if utilization 0% - were they even qualified

At Arrows we call our account utilization metric “Engaged Plans”. It’s the number of onboarding plans an account has created in a rolling 30 day window that has active participants AND tasks completed.

By comparing:

  • engaged plans in the current period vs the previous period
  • actual engaged plans vs expected plan usage

We can proactively identify:

  • churn risks
  • expansion opportunities

Metrics don’t need to be complex to be effective.

Focus on the internal metric best aligned with creating successful customers.

Use this template in Arrows

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