Build momentum in your kickoff call follow up emails

Steal this email template to follow up after your next customer kickoff call.

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Build momentum in your kickoff call follow up emails
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You likely spent your time on the kickoff call building alignment, setting expectations and building excitement. Here’s how to make sure all that work isn’t lost when you hang up the phone 👇

The goal of this follow up email is twofold:

  • Reinforce the internal narrative and validate the purchase decision for everyone on the call (and anyone who wasn’t and needs an update)
  • Provide a clear next step to start making progress towards the customers stated goal

Here’s how the template breaks down

1. Set clear expectations

This email will be a recap + the next steps with a due date.

2. Restate the company initiative that led to your product being purchased

This is the “why” behind the work you will be asking your customer to do.

3. Pain the picture of a successful outcome tied to a measurable impact and timeline

4. Build accountability by aligning the next steps with the agreed upon goal and providing a clear path to take action

5. Restate the due date for next steps and ask a question to identify blockers early

For most of your customer's experience, you won’t be in the room. So the way you communicate via email is critical. Optimizing email copywriting shouldn’t be an afterthought for onboarding and success teams.

When you start with clear alignment around the outcomes customers want to achieve with your product, you can be reinforce the internal narrative and hold them accountable to taking action at every stage of the onboarding journey.

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