Ask customers for a referral at the end of onboarding

Steal this Arrows task example to incentivize customers to send a referral at the end of your onboarding process

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Ask customers for a referral at the end of onboarding
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By end of your onboarding process, your customers have gotten up and running with your product or service, are well on their way to seeing success, and they're thrilled with the momentum they've built!

Now is the perfect time to ask if they know of anyone else who might be a good fit.

🌟 Bonus tip: Since you're setting these forms up in Arrows, you can automatically sync the responses to HubSpot and easily route the information back to your sales team!

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Task type: Form

Task title: Send us a referral

Task description:

We'll give you a discount on your active subscription for each successful referral!
Use this template in Arrows

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