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The Ultimate Customer Success Template Starter Kit

We hear the onboarding and customer success challenges facing our customers every day, so we've put together a complete starter kit of templates for building an effective onboarding and success program.

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What you get inside the customer success template starter kit

Customer Success Plan Template

There’s all sorts of terms you’ll come across (implementation, enablement, onboarding, success planning) for getting customers up and running successfully in a high-touch manner, all with the same goal of getting a customer to value within your product.In this ready to use customer success plan template (available as Excel and Google Sheets), we've included:

The Success Plan Template which gets you on the same page as the customer, and gets mutual buy-in from them.

The Implementation Template which provides the nuts and bolts steps that need to happen for a customer to be up and running.

11 Ready to Send Onboarding Email Templates

These onboarding email templates have you covered throughout your customers journey: From welcome, to introducing your success plan, to getting customers back on track when they get stuck.

Use these fill-in-the-blanks templates to master customer engagement AND drive better outcomes from your inbox.

Copy-paste-send. Onboarding emails tried and tested with thousands of customers to increase engagement.

Fill in the blanks. These ready-to-send templates will help you avoid common pitfalls and frame your messages to drive action.

Customize and iterate. Use these templates as a solid foundation for your own messaging and personal touches.

Hiring & Interview Templates For Customer Success Roles

This is the guide you’ll need to build your customer success and onboarding team (aka what happens after you’ve been running the program too successfully yourself and are underwater).

Understanding Your CS Needs & Who To Hire
Understand what type of customer success role you’ll need for your team along with several interview exercises and take-home assignments you can use to gauge your candidate’s overall fit for a customer success role.

Interview Questions for Hiring CSM's & Success Leaders
Everything you need to evaluate your candidate’s ability to do the job, from interview questions to role-play exercises and take-home assignments. We’ve but together a list of the key skills that you’ll want to assess along with exercises to get a clear understanding of those skills in practice.

Your New Customer Success Manager’s First 90 Days
This 30-60-90 day onboarding plan will ensure your newly hired CSM is setup for success and empowered to start driving your customers towards unlocking the value of your product or service.

Download the full customer success template starter kit

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