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Sure, you could hack together an onboarding process by combining a bunch of tools or even building your own! But we really care about onboarding. Below is everything Arrows offers.

“Arrows helped us get a handle on our customer success processes and has been critical for our team to stay on top of retention.”

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Personalize every customer's plan

Every customer has different needs and goals. So why send them the same onboarding plan? Arrows allows you to edit, reorder, add/remove tasks from your templates for each customer. Each plan can be unique.

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Assign tasks to anybody

Easily assign tasks to anybody on your customer's team or your own team. Everybody will know who's in charge of delivering the work.

Remind about due dates automatically

Don't nag your customers about overdue work. Let Arrows handle all task reminders so your team can be the strategic partner your customers need.

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Track progress on the dashboard

Replace your messy spreadsheets with a simple internal dashboard. Always see customers with overdue or due today tasks at the top, and every other active customer below.

Integrate with Zapier, or the API

Want to create an onboarding plan for each customer automatically? Or maybe update the CRM opportunity when onboarding reaches a certain stage? No problem!

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Salesforce record lookup in Zapier

Help your success team be awesome at onboarding...

...so they can help your customers be awesome too.

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Your product solves a problem. Let Arrows solve onboarding.

Make sure your customers never send an email asking “Where are we on this?” ever again.

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