Tips for using Arrows with your customers

Give yourself a pat on the back, you just finished creating your first template. Now let’s add your first customer and let Arrows get to work for you.

1. Head to the Plans tab and click the New Customer button…

customer - create new.png

2. Add your customer’s name, website and any notes you want to store internally. Once you hit Save and continue, you can attach any template you’ve created as a plan for that customer. You can also go rogue and create a blank action plan if you want.

customer - add new.png customer - select plan.png

3. Woohoo! Your first customer now has their own onboarding plan! Use this plan to get mutual buy-in from your customer, your goal is to get them to their goals.

Add the customer name to the plan name, introduce yourself and list the goals you are already aware of. This allows EVERYONE to have visibility into why we ALL want to follow this plan instead of burying this information in your internal CRM.

Make sure you align with your customer on these goals every chance you get, especially on your kickoff call. Yes, you can always add new goals or remove them if priorities have changed.

When you’re done, click Assign contact to share this plan.

customers - customize plan.png

4. You can invite as many participants as you want to a plan. The first person you add will be your Point person - this is your main point of contact, the one who’ll be driving the plan forward on the customer side.

Add their name, email address and hit Send Invite. You can Add an invite row if you want to add more than one participant at a time.

customer - add email and name.png

By default, the Point person will get all notifications for your plan (new tasks, overdue task, comments, etc.). Any unassigned tasks will also be assigned to them.

NOTE: this will trigger an email inviting your participants to access this plan. You can use one of our email templates to introduce your Arrows plan to make sure your participants know what’s coming their way

You can change the Point person, the plan Coordinator (that’s you!) along with their respective notification settings from this page as well.

customer - point person.png

5. Close the contacts page to head back to your plan. Now you can assign tasks, add due dates and use comments to make sure nothing gets missed. Click into any of those respective buttons on your first task and you’ll be able to add all 3.

customer - assign & dates.png customer - assign & dates 2.png

6. You can select from any of the participants on a plan, add those critical due dates and drop a friendly comment if needed.

customer - assign & dates 3.png customer - assigned task.png

7. Head back to your plan overview to see the newly assigned task owner and due dates. You can also toggle between statuses to let your customers know what is due next, what’s being worked on and what’s completed.

Encourage your customers to do the same on their end, they can toggle task statuses assigned to them to let you know where they are at in the process!

customer - assigned task.png customer - task status.png

Now for some pro-tips…

  1. Arrows will send reminders for upcoming and over-due tasks, but you can also leverage comments to give a friendly nudge.
  2. Notice where customers keep getting stuck. This is an opportunity to restructure or rename phases or tasks. You can also add extra descriptive text or comments to help people along.
  3. Add extra tasks or phases to any plan even after you have attached it to a customer, don’t worry it won’t change your template!
  4. Shoot us an email if you get stuck or want a second set of eyes on your template, we are here to help -
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