Get Slack notifications about tasks and phases (with Zapier)

Get Slack notifications about tasks and phases (with Zapier)

When your customers are progressing through their onboarding—completing tasks, moving through phases—it’s great to stay notified. You stay on top of your onboardings, and watch the momentum carry forward in the Slack channels where your work happens.

Here’s how to set up Slack notifications for Arrows using Zapier. This same process can be applied to any app with a Zapier integration where you want to receive notifications!

Setting up the Arrows integration

The first step is making sure you have a Zapier account! After you have an account, click this link to add the official Arrows integration to your account:


Creating the trigger

Once you’ve added Arrows to your Zapier account, create a new Zap. Search for Arrows, and choose it as the trigger.


You’ll be presented with the option to choose what event you’d like the Zap to be triggered on. Arrows can trigger a Zap whenever a phase or task is completed. For this example we’ll choose task completion.


After choosing your event type you’ll be asked to sign in to Arrows.


Arrows authenticates Zapier using an API key. When you click “Sign in to Arrows” you’ll be prompted with a form to enter that API key.


Like the form says, your API key can be found on your Arrows organization page at The Arrows API and Zapier are not available on the free trial or lowest tier plan.


Copy your API key and paste it into the Zapier pop up. You’ll be returned to your in-progress Zap and be able to continue to the next step.


Now that your Arrows account is connected to your Zapier account, Zapier will test the event you’ve chosen. Critically, you have to have a task or phase that has been completed in your account for the Zapier test to find anything.


Clicking “Test trigger” will call out to Arrows and return some data of a previous task that was completed within your account.


Our Arrows trigger is now complete!


The next step is to set up what happens when this trigger fires.

Creating the Slack action

Now it’s time to set up the Slack action that happens when a task is completed in Arrows.

Search for “Slack” and select it as the app you’d like to trigger an action in.


Select “Send Channel Message” as the action you’d like to take.


Now we need to connect our Slack account to our Zapier account.


Instead of using an API key for authorization, Slack will provide a popup where you sign in and select the channel you’d like to connect to. In this screenshot “Arrows Slack” will be replaced with whatever the name of the workspace you’re connecting to is called.


Once you’ve connected Slack to Zapier, it’s time to build the message you’ll send to your Slack.


Once your message is constructed, Zapier will ask you to test the action. This will send a message to the Slack channel you’ve selected. This is helpful because you’ll get to see exactly what your messages will look like, but is annoying if you want to play around and explore. You can send test messages to a private channel where you won’t bother your coworkers while you work out the kinks, and then swap over to the real channel you’d like to send to once you’re good to go.


And there you go! You now have the option to turn on your Zap, and get notifications in Slack when tasks are completed. Well done!

Bonus: more detailed information from Arrows

We can also grab more information from Arrows about the task or phase completed event so we can build a more detailed message.

For example, we can include details about the customer by adding a “Find Customer” step to our Zap before sending the Slack message.


We’ll query for the customer using the customer ID returned from the event trigger in the first step.


Test this action as we did with the others, and you’ll see the customer information coming back!


We can now add those customer details to the Slack message we post to our channel.


You can use these same steps to find any information you want from your Arrows account! With the Arrows Zapier integration you can retrieve your templates, team members, customers, or plans!

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