Plan security & sharing permissions

We’ve designed Arrows plans so that you can easily share them with your customers. We want to empower you to share the right steps and information with your customers. We also want you to have control over what happens from there, especially if you are sharing confidential information you might not want going beyond the people you share plans with.

From you to be able to put the right steps and information in front of your customers to help you both move the onboarding process forward. We also understand Our permissions & security settings give you peace of mind.

Organization-level control

As you attach your customers to plans, by default, anyone with the URL will be able to access that plan.

You can change this default to allow only participants you invite to have access. Doing so, gives you a secondary level of access to grant those invited users permission to invite others. You may also choose to allow anyone with an email address that matches your customers main domain to have access.

To update these default settings…

  1. click your email in the right-hand corner of the Arrows app
  2. select “Settings” from the organization section
  3. scroll down to the following section and update accordingly:

plan sharing - org default invite.png

plan sharing - org default all url.png

Plan-level control

If there is a particular customers who needs this level of plan security but you’d like your default settings to remain as anyone with a plan URL having access, you can update these access levels for each individual plan.

Once you navigate to the plan in mind and begin to invite participants, you’ll see the ability to update this access level:

From within the plan…

  1. select “Share” from the top navigation bar in Arrows
  2. select the “Share & Invite” tab
  3. update the “Who can access” section to allow for Only invited participants to access the plan.
  4. the secondary levels of plan access give you option to grant participants access to invite others and/or give access to anyone whose email domain matches that of your customer.

plan sharing - only invited participants.png

If you toggle on “Only invited participants” being able to access the plan, when a non-invited person tries to access that URL, they will see the following message requiring them to confirm their access:

plan sharing - confirm email.png

Once they enter their name and email, you’ll be notified to grant access as desired.

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