Are you tired of chasing down customers to complete tasks that they need to in order to be successful using your product or service? Us too…

The reminders from Arrows are intended to do all the chasing for you, letting you focus your valuable time on talking to customers. They also give your internal teams a sense of control by highlighting what accounts are being worked in their onboarding pipelines.

Think of these as daily reminders for a friendly nudge anytime:

  1. tasks are assigned that need to be handled
  2. there are changes to the plans you’re managing, so everyone has visibility into what’s expected.

Generally speaking, we send 3 types of reminder emails. By design, they are intended to be clear and concise, driving the action you need and avoiding the fluff you don’t.

Email notification settings

We also give you the control over how and when those reminders are sent, start by navigating to your Organization Settings from the top-right menu bar and scroll down to the “Participant emails” section.

From here, you’ll be able to…

  1. control the progress update email sent every Monday (default is set to send)
  2. control midweek reminder emails when tasks are due or overdue (default is set to send)
  3. control the lead-time (1-7 days) for sending emails for upcoming task reminders (default is set to 2 days)


Your personal daily digest

Now for the emails themselves…

Every weekday morning, we send Your Arrows Digest, reminding your plan coordinators of upcoming and overdue tasks they’re assigned to to keep your internal teams focused on the customers they are onboarding that week. This digest also includes any updates to customers’ plans they’re participating on.


Your customer’s daily digest

For each of your customers, the digest email will shows them the tasks they are accountable to complete. In this case, reminding the folks at MCM to schedule their kickoff call and start gathering their existing documents. On Monday mornings, this email also includes all of the tasks in the current phase for the plan.


Customers receive emails based on the notification tier they have set on each plan they’re participating on. You can use these to make sure the right people have visibility.


Comment notifications

And if the automated reminders still don’t do the trick, you can tag participants in comments, allowing you to communicate directly from within your Arrows plan. This gives the participant a chance to reply with clarifying questions or an update. And yes, this triggers more reminders and brings your overall plan back to the forefront of the conversation.


As you create more plans and assign more tasks, the reminders will help keep customers moving forward and highlight steps in your process where they might be getting stuck, ideally ones you quickly iterate on and add clarity to keep things moving.

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