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The Guide to Customer Onboarding in HubSpot

Read this guide to learn everything you need to know to start building a customer onboarding program inside HubSpot


Customer onboarding isn’t just introducing and implementing your product. It’s a continuous process that guides users from their very first interaction to success throughout their entire journey. At Arrows we like to say that “Onboarding never ends”.

Today, the most successful SaaS companies are focused not just on acquiring new customers but retaining and expanding existing one. That means a stellar onboarding experience is critical to ensure customers realize the value they signed up for.

The most critical realization most growing companies come to is that onboarding is a full-team sport requiring collaboration and alignment between all customer facing teams. Because the customer doesn't care about your internal departments, only their holistic experience.

This guide's purpose is to guide you through the questions to consider, and tactics to execute to set yourself AND your customers up for success.

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