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If your team uses HubSpot, your customers need Arrows.

Onboarding, sales, and success teams fail when their customers stop making progress toward their goals.
Arrows gives everybody the answer to “what’s next” with customer-facing plans that attach to HubSpot logo CRM.

  • No login required for your customers
  • All customer data stays in HubSpot (no new inbox)
  • Spreadsheets & project management tools are clunky

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Loved by teams running on HubSpot

At Arrows we believe the best customers are happy, successful customers, and who doesn't want more of those.

    • Who doesn’t love to cross tasks off a list? We have been lucky enough to be guided on our Arrows journey by the Head of Customer Service and he has been such an encouraging and supportive business partner. 5 gold stars!

      Maura Christopoulos
      Onboarding Specialist at Carro
    • Ever thought "I wish one tool could consolidate the multiple tools I use right now into one."? Look no further if you onboard or manage any form of customer lifecycle or journey. Consolidate all data silo tools you currently have to just HubSpot + Arrows.

      Anthony Bendas
      COO at Level Effect
      Anthony Bendas
    • Visibility into how far along our customers are making it in their onboarding and the ease of piping info directly into properties in HubSpot has streamlined our onboarding process and made it easier on our team!

      John Lafirira
      Director of Customer Success at Jumbo
      John Lafirira
    • We've tried lots of onboarding tools - from Google Docs to other dedicated platforms like (but sooo unlike) Arrows - and always end up abandoning them. Using this plugin to tie Arrows into our deal and onboarding workflows in HubSpot makes it that much easier to standardize processes that we know get results. A great team always makes a great platform more powerful, and Arrows has just that.

      Andrew Rohman
      Head of Customer Success at Knapsack
      Andrew Rohman
    • You know how time gets broken up into B.C. and A.D.? That's like my life before and after Arrows. Arrows feels simple and clear for customers to use, and was really easy for our onboarding team to adopt as they don't have to change their workflow or leave HubSpot.

      Con Cirillo
      Head of Customer Experience at Carro
    • The design is very clean and it's easy to set up. Integrating with HubSpot was straightforward. The ability to share a link to the plan without any additional setup for the customer is great and is especially important for customers who are not tech-savvy.

      Chanelle Statti
      Onboarding Manager at BluePallet

Resources to Get You Started

Not sure where to begin? Explore these HubSpot essentials to get started.

Help your customers be successful at every stage of their journey

Scale your sales, onboarding & success processes to drive more revenue and engagement without adding headcount.

Create and send customer-facing action plans right from HubSpot

Quickly generate personalized mutual action plans for every customer with the click of a button from a HubSpot Deal or Ticket.

Choose from pre-built and customizable templates or build your own

Build a repeatable process for driving customer action and deliver a seamless customer experience at scale.

Embedded task actions help your customers stay on track

Whatever you need your customer to do: fill out a form, upload a file, download a template, schedule a meeting and everything inbetween... you can do it all inside the task.

Relative due dates keep the momentum going

Help your customer stay on track towards their goals, and keep them motivated to keep going.
Arrows task preview

Let your team stay inside HubSpot

Nobody needs another inbox to check. Give your entire team visibility by bringing data from your sales & onboarding checklists into HubSpot.

Attach a customer-facing plan to any deal or ticket

Sync dynamic data from the associated HubSpot object to help streamline your workflows. This includes the customer's name, email, phone number, and more.

Enrich your CRM with data from your Arrows plans

All data from your activity in Arrows can be pushed back into HubSpot. Now you can reference action plan data in dashboards, workflows, email sequences, and more.

Native-like integration, so your team can focus on what matters most

There's no need to keep yet another app pinned in your browser's tab bar. Everything important you need to do for managing sales & onboarding plans can happen inside the CRM.

Use Arrows plans to power HubSpot workflows and reports

Unlock new opportunities by connecting data from Arrows plans with everything you already know about your customers and your team activity in HubSpot to power your process.

Sync customer activity and plan changes to HubSpot objects

Report on onboarding progress and drive internal follow ups and escalations using data from Arrows plans in HubSpot custom properties.

Drive time-saving automation with Arrows workflow actions

Automate plan creation based on property changes in HubSpot and build a seamless process for internal handoffs and customer communication.

Use data from HubSpot to personalize Arrows plans

Autofill the content of your customer-facing action plan with important details like company name, goals, coordinator contact information, and other properties from your HubSpot CRM records.
Arrows + Hubspot workflow

Trusted by go-to-market teams of all sizes

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Say goodbye to handoffs between teams & tools

Make HubSpot the one tool for your entire go-to-market team… from marketing to success and everything in between.

Marketing & CX

Use task names and due dates in your automations and email sequences

Sales & RevOps

Create mutual action plans during the sales process to make a good first impression

Onboarding & Implementation

Track onboarding progress and improve time-to-value

Customer Success

Happier customers who were onboarded properly make expansion easier

“With Arrows, we rebuilt our customer onboarding processes and immediately reduced average onboarding time by more than half, while also increasing our annual retention by 23%.”

Confidently drive customer action from HubSpot

And make sure you never receive an email from a customer asking “Where are we on this?” ever again.

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Trusted by go-to-market teams of all sizes

First Resonance
Level Effect
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