Because your high-touch customers shouldn't be onboarded by a spreadsheet

Arrows is a collaborative customer onboarding tool. Bring your customer teams together to deliver mutual action plans to make customers successful – so you can reduce time to value, increase onboarding completions, and unlock growth.

Sign up and get going in a few minutes. Finally drop that spreadsheet or whatever dusty, old process you no longer love. Onboard your next customer with Arrows.

About our friend, Dominic Monn...

So the original idea for Arrows was a small business CRM that helped people stay in touch with their most important contacts, in a human way.

This was spring/summer 2018, and I was worried about spending months or even years (gasp! it turned into years) to get the idea off the ground. So one day I came across this product that allowed you to do email outreach to the press.

I reached out, we agreed to a price, and I bought my first app from someone else. And that’s how I met Dominic, and how he made his mark on the Arrows story forever. (However, the app didn’t last long, and I shut it down fairly soon after 😂)

But a few weeks ago, I asked Dominic, and it turns out the app I bought from him was the first he’d ever sold too.

I like knowing we got to do that together.

Thank you, Dominic!

Daniel Zarick
Daniel Zarick
Co-founder of Arrows

For us... business is personal, and fundamentally Arrows is about building good relationships with people. That's why we asked a few friends to spread the word. Thanks so much to Dominic for sharing this link with you.